Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lockers and A Loser.

We all have those days that we will never forget. You may, as you grow older, forget some of the small details like: what you wore, where you sat, or what you ate that day, but you never forget what made that day known as THAT DAY. In my short life I have had many days that are unforgettable, both good and bad. That's life. But I will never forget my day of middle school. I went to school in Montgomery County till high school and the way they do it there is that you go to middle school after the fifth grade, not the sixth. I remember being in the fifth grade at an assembly where they had teachers from all the middle schools in the area come in and speak to our class about our decision as to which middle school we would choose, and then SHE came in. This beautiful specimen of a woman, long hair, smooth brown skin, and the most bomb legs ever! She was coincidentally, Ms. Wright (ain't that some shit?!)the 6th grade English teacher of Francis Scott Key Middle School. Traditionally, all the kids from my elementary school would choose "Key" to be their middle school after fifth grade even though it was the furthest one away from our elementary school, and the furthest one away from my neighborhood, but no school was TOO FAR when you had that good old cheese bus transportation to get you back and forth to school. I chose Key, and this is where the story begins...oh yea that fine piece of woman Ms. Wright also became my first period English teacher after all. I could not have been more proud to have chosen Key Middle as my middle school to attend; all the homeys from around the way (who I looked up to) had graduated from Key or were still there, one of my homeys actually got held back by HIS OWN DAMN PARENTS! Who in the merciful fuck holds their kid back from graduating into high school from middle school after they have legitimately passed all of their classes?! I guess some parents are socially dumb and ignorant in regards to their kids future these days huh? The first day of middle school was probably one of the most fearful, exciting, and embarrassing days of my young life. Walking to the bus stop, I was so nervous; shaking all over and I think I even had a cold sweat (I had and still have have terrible anxiety issues). I got down to the bus stop and I see all of my friends from elementary school and instantly I felt a great comfortable feeling come over me, I was also a bit fucking annoyed because I swore that it was people there that swore up and down all summer that they were going to Key's rival middle school...Banneker (aka Bammaker as we called it.)I also saw my friends who where in the 7th and 8th grade there too and they had so much fun scaring the shit out of me before the bus even pulled up talking about how the 8th graders love kicking the living shit out of the 6th graders asses and stuff em into lockers and trashcans and jump em and stuff like that. It took every fiber in my body for me not to run back home like a little bitch and beg my parents to home school me, but in the instance of these crazy thoughts running through my mind the bus decided to pull up. This big yellow concoction pulls up and the doors open and I see the bus driver, and luckily it is my friends from the neighborhood's mom...Ms. Debbie, and if it was anything I knew about Ms. Debbie is that Ms. Debbie ain't take NO SHIT at all! She knew all of our mama's and where we lived, so we could fuck around on her job if we wanted and it was guaranteed that it would be some sort of hell to pay sooner or later or in that very moment. I had the utmost respect for Ms. Debbie simply because she possessed the power that made the toughest of tough kids on the bus look like wimps simply by getting on that microphone, calling their name and telling them to move to the front of the bus. It was brilliant! So humiliating and humbling at the same time! Getting on the bus was a nitemare in it's own; so many faces, so many empty seats, but so many rules as to where you sat! Being that I was new and I knew that the bus was filled primarily with eighth graders, I sat my little sixth grade ass down in the very front of the bus! Eye to eye with the windshield wipers and everything! Ms. Debbie had the radio rocking with the Donnie Simpson Show and Nelly's Country Grammar came on and the whole bus sang it like it was "The Wheels on the Bus" or something. The bus ride wasn't too long, but it seemed like forever when you're going to a building that you have never been to (I skipped orientation because I was too afraid to walk through the doors even with my Mom, Dad, and Auntie by my side. I just wasn't ready). But today I had nobody with me to walk through those doors with, not even my own friends after we got through those doors because once we got through those doors it was onto homeroom and none of my friends had the last names that began with I was fucked! We pull up to the school and I immediately take notice of how much bigger the kids are...I also tried to looking for familiar faces, but there were simply too many people to pick out certain faces in the crowd...I did however spot my girlfriend at the time which was a relief.(I'll talk about her later). I got off the bus and there was no turning back...and based on where I chose to sit, I was the first person off the bus. I walked where everyone else was walking and ended up in the cafeteria and they were lining up EVERYBODY by last name and by grade and of course I was amazed by all of the new and beautiful faces of the girls who were crammed in there. I got in line and moved along to homeroom,and I forget who my homeroom teacher was but I was so nervous as she took role (I do remember it was a she). I think that my voice cracked as I said "here!" when my name was called and everyone in the classroom laughed at me, great first impression huh? I got my schedule and they released us to go to first period. I'm not gonna sit up here and talk about the details of each period up to I'll just skip to lunch which was the part of middle school that excited me the most! To hell with dressing up my binder with hot women in bathing suits and my favorite artists! To hell with trying to make my locker look like a piece of home with a touch of cool! And to hell with being able to pick my classes!...I was thrilled about the food! ...and seeing my girlfriend for lunch too! Little background on her...she was this short red haired white girl with glasses who liked every single dude in our fifth grade class and one day landed on me...and I decided to make her my girlfriend, why? I have the slightest clue! It somehow lasted through the summer and BOOM! here there we were. I got my stuffed potato, pepperoni pizza, Gatorade, and zebra cake and sat with her and her friends. As soon as I sat down I felt a weird kinda awkward tension that was so prevalent and strong at the table. My girlfriend wouldn't look directly in my eyes, and her friends were kinda looking at her as if they were waiting for her to tell me something, then one of em finally opened up and said "...Foster, Jess has something to tell you...tell him Jess...might as well get it over with..." The next thing I know is that she opened up her little mouth and said "I think we should break up..." What the merciful fuck?! This is the first day of school in middle school and you're deciding to break up with me?! You heartless little cunt! I had never been more crushed and embarrassed in my life. She just had to do it in front of all of her friends though? Really?! I had never been dumped before...I mean I was only 10 at the time and I didn't know how to take it so I broke down and cried like a little bitch in the cafeteria in front of everybody! I got up and took myself on over to the table with my friends (who I thought could be somewhat comforting) and told them what happened and one of em just burst out in laughter and said "damn nigga! you got dumped by a white girl on the first day of school?! Damn must suck to be you!" Some friends huh? I didn't eat the rest of my lunch that I had highly anticipated the whole day. The rest of the day was pretty treacherous, I had all of my worst classes (math, science, and home ec.) and I was picked on a bit for having a bush and wearing gel in my hair...and my clothes weren't really up to par with everyone else's. I'm not aloud to like flannel shirts and cargo pants? It was a pretty shitty day. As much I was looking forward to a new beginning at a new school, I would have never anticipated this, but hey, that's life. I didn't set my expectations too high, but they sure came crashing down as if they had fallen from the sky, which was a harsh reality to face. But it surely can't rain forever. Sixth grade year was quite a roller coaster. I ended up failing 6 out of 7 courses on quarter because at one point I just didn't care about anything because my confidence was crushed daily and I almost failed gym for not changing because I was shy about changing my clothes in front of people. It took me three months to learn how to open my locker. I had countless run-ins with Ms. Debbie on the bus for not taking any shit when it came to MY seat. I'm going to digress for a bit, but what the hell did Dr. King and Rosa Parks fight for if all my generation does when we get on the bus is go straight to the back of the bus? I guess it must have been so that we can sit wherever we would like on any form of public transit. Umm...what else happened? Oh yea I was turned down by like every girl I tried to go out with that year too. If there was anything positive that did happen that school year is that I learned how to "freak dance" with girls as they grinded on my still-goin-through-puberty wiener. As bad the first day and the rest of the year was accompanied by many ass-whoopin's at home for bad grades, I bounced back so diligently the next year and I have been on a roll ever since! One day cannot ruin it all, ever!

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