Monday, February 14, 2011

Lover's Rock.

The loneliness is so consuming.
The marketer of all emotions
Thoughts run deep about the last like a million oceans
Devotion and commotion swarm thoughts like infuriated bees amongst children playin tag near a hive.
To be loved is not to be alive
More like enlightened or sun kissed on shut eyes
Lips that tell lies caress inner thighs
Texts with no replies
Curses at the skies
Are all the result if its YOUR fault
But you say nothing, words stay locked away in your deepest vault.
We try to get back to ourselves
Rearrange our minds shelves
We can’t wait for a new day so we pray for twelve
Eye gazing upon clocks
The annoyance of a million ticks and tocks
Stomach in a knot
Dates of importance forgot
We are so out of control swearing things are on lock.
Lies fall neatly as we dance the lover’s rock.

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