Monday, July 25, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

From the time I concealed my first boner to this day, I will always and will forever be confused by girls these days, I hate our generation some day's...I really do. But can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with girls calling their boyfriends or guys they are talking to "daddy"?! not worry, I'll wait! To me, that shit is just whack and pathetic. I asked a few girls a while back why they do it, and one girl said this, which I found incredibly ridiculous and at the same time sensible, she said "girls call their boyfriends or other dudes daddy because every girl...or most want a man who reminds them of their father..." I can see why girls would want a man like their father, understood. Who wouldn't want someone who has taken care of them, respected them, and taught them about men? (still very weird and creepy) But explain the calling them that name during sex, sounds kinda incestuous to me. Now for the girls who call these BOYS "daddy" please do enlighten me? What the hell do you get out of calling a this dude by that name? You don't even call your OWN father that name. If you never had a father figure in your life, trust me, you will still understand a few things about a true FATHER...excuse your case a daddy. A father would never run out on your when you needed it the most. A father would never go out and treat another girl like his daughter or find a replacement. Do you call him daddy because after he hits you he says "this is gonna hurt me more than it'll hurt you"? Is it because he got you pregnant and you call him daddy in hopes that this new title will be a motivator for him to possibly be in this unborn child's life? Do you call him daddy because that's what you hear in every damn song they play on the radio these days? Or do you call him daddy because calling him by his actual name is seen as disrespect and you don't want to face the consequences later? Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of time to go ahead and figure out why you call this grown up with child-like features "daddy". The shit is not attractive or cool by far. If anything, it makes you look pathetic, clingy, and foolish. Ladies, I'm not rights activist or anything of the sort, just a dude with a blog who hates seeing ANYBODY degrade themselves for someone or something that is worth nothing. Stop calling these guys "daddy" and instead call them by their proper names...I'm sure it won't be to embarrassing for them. And if you're dealing with someone who is super immature go ahead and go NY on them and call them "son". I wish a girl would call me daddy...she would instantly be considered a FOSTER CHILD...yea I made that up all by myself haha.