Monday, February 21, 2011

There You Are Again.

There you are again, waking me up from my peace.
There you are again in the shadows of my mind making me feel incomplete.
There you are again in your favorite dress.
There you are again doing what you do best.
I want to open up and speak but you make me digress.
I want to tell you something so real, but it burns a hole in my chest.
There you go again laughing as I suffer, smiling with the cutest smile.
There you go again, won't you stay awhile?
There you go again telling me I said things I never said.
There you go again playing with my head.
I want to hold you hand but you remain out of reach
I want to whisper in your ear, but you broke down my speech.
There you are again consuming upon my happiness.
There you go again brushing your teeth in my bliss.
There you go again never to return.
There you go again staring at me as I burn.
I want you to run away from my nitemares as you had once chased me
I want you to help me feel like you when you erased me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Song Forgotten.

I had a song in mind, and I had a song in line
Along the way I forgot the words
Had a song in line, forgot the rhyme.
It would have been the dopest song you ever heard.
The pen and paper were intact
Line for line my memory flashed back
To a time where the pen and paper were one.
Now look how spread out and far they've become.
Writer's block hanging out across the street from inspiration
The song I wrote for you was a symphony without limitation.
Got to your door step with roses in hand
Ring the doorbell, your ringtone went off, it was one of my favorite bands
Door opens up and standing there was merely a sample.
Saw a reflection of your sandal through the brass door handle
handed the sample your roses and music notes just played in your yard
The sample said "anything else I can do?"
I said to the sample "deliver this song..."
Started to think about what I wrote for you, but the words came out wrong.
I had a song in mind, I had a song in line.
Along the way I forgot the words.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lover's Rock.

The loneliness is so consuming.
The marketer of all emotions
Thoughts run deep about the last like a million oceans
Devotion and commotion swarm thoughts like infuriated bees amongst children playin tag near a hive.
To be loved is not to be alive
More like enlightened or sun kissed on shut eyes
Lips that tell lies caress inner thighs
Texts with no replies
Curses at the skies
Are all the result if its YOUR fault
But you say nothing, words stay locked away in your deepest vault.
We try to get back to ourselves
Rearrange our minds shelves
We can’t wait for a new day so we pray for twelve
Eye gazing upon clocks
The annoyance of a million ticks and tocks
Stomach in a knot
Dates of importance forgot
We are so out of control swearing things are on lock.
Lies fall neatly as we dance the lover’s rock.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out Of My Head, Out Of My Hands.

They say when you have nitemares about somebody it means that they miss you? I don't know if that is the truth or a bunch of bullshit. Like I said, it what "they" say, and most of what they say is a bunch of bullshit most days. People don't trust their own silly logic anymore these days. But I digress, I have been having constant nitemares about a certain somebody who apparently I'm not fully over yet...or at least my subconscious isn't yet. The worst part about all these episodes is that they FEEL REAL. Not so much real in the sense of what goes on the dream. The talks, the touches, the smells, the overall interaction seems as if it never left. It's like we paused the movie and pressed play all over again, picking up right where we left out. I can't help but to wake up feeling alone, cheated, and ridiculed. At the end of the day, all of the nitemares appear to make sense in my real life. I have all of these locked away emotions and fantasies in a dream that are practically screaming to be free when I am wide awake, but I won't let them get the best of torment myself when I'm sleep with thoughts of her. Why can I sit up here and tell these things to complete strangers? Probably because I know they are reading for entertainment, which this is intended for, but within it lies lots of truths. It is like everywhere I fucking go in my dream, there she is. I have taken plenty of sedatives to try and put me in the deepest sleep possible just so can either skip the dreams or not remember them when I wake up. I haven't had these nitemares in months on end...I was fine...I was in some way shape or form...satisfied...but now I feel a bit empty all over if something is missing...again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Homey.

It was 3 o'clock in the morning, you were riding around forever looking for a quick and cheap fix, all of your other "friends" weren't up to give you what you needed at the moment, even though they were all in the vicinity of where you were driving...they flaked. One of your friends actually just got off the clock at about 2am, but what kind of friend clocks off from the "friendship" shift? Then you are riding a little further down the street and there you see them, your homey, glistening, shining, bright and tall waiting for you to pull up into their warmth and tell them exactly what you want and how much of it you want. You may even tell this friend how you have been driving around for hours looking for someone like them to satisfy your late night craving. They ask you what you want and you begin by saying "let me get uhhh....number six no cheese, with a Hi-C...LARGE with two apple pies." Yes yes, ladies and gentlemen McDonald's is America's homey! Whenever you were hungry, on a road trip, and you just fucked up by passing the Waffle House...who was there at 3am in the morning with hundreds of locations on the way to your destination? It sure wasn't Burger King, Checkers, or that whore was your homey since you were able to say "I want a Happy Meal!" That's right!...Your dear good friend Mickey D! Who gives you what you need for the low low? Not Ruby Tuesdays or TGI Friday's...nope! Your homey Mickey D! Everybody hates em but you will sit there and defend your homey even though you know damn well they ARE NO GOOD for you...we all have that friend. McDonald's is probably part of the reason this country hasn't sunk into a DEPRESSION, cmon can a country go into a depression when they have a meal that makes them happy?'s called a fucking Happy Meal! When gas prices were going up and you were being evicted because THE RENT WAS TOO DAMN HIGH! who was across the street from your pile of shit on the curb waiting to fill you up with a goodness called joy?...not the Repo man! But...McDonald's was! People always say how fake the homey is, how bad they are, what they are made of and how they are going to kill you in the long run...they have yet to let me down and you either! I blame the parents for letting The Homey take place of a proper diet and exercise, who lets their child hang around their friends all day every day and substitute a quick meal (which should be consumed occasionally) instead of a home cooked nutritious meal? People are so quick to point their fingers at friends as enemies before they address the enemy that lies within which is their ignorance and negligence. No fast food joint ever hurt was the infatuation with fast food, the lack of self-control, and the inability to simply say "I don't need that, I have food at home". McDonald's never killed anybody...they did it to themselves.