Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Joy.

Whooo lawd! This semester has damn near pushed me over the edge: The car trouble, the issues in my math class, the two car accidents (which were very minor Thank God), the drama I had to deal with at home, and then being without a car for damn near the entire second half of the was hell. But luckily I have angels surrounding me and so much positivity from other people surrounding me that it is almost impossible for me to fail, or at least it felt like it. Usually I write about everything else going on with me through story form and things like that, but not this time. I must tell everybody about these amazing people that have come into my life this semester. First things first, I wanna thank my family for being there for me all semester pushing me and pushing me keeping me on the right track and making sure I had what I needed to succeed, and all the tough love you guys showed me when needed, because I know I am not always easiest person to tell off. It all started back in the summer when my homey Fred, who I went to high school and worked with over the summer with at the Library of Congress said that he would help me out with finding a place to stay. Unfortunately, that didn't work out since everything was so last minute, but luckily I bought a car the week before the semester started. If it is any lesson I learned this semester, is you get what you pay for, and having a car is an investment where the more you put into it, the more you out of it. Just don't tell the people who make crappy ass American cars in Detroit that; they charge an arm and a leg for a car and all you get is something that is less durable than a pinky finger with no cartilage. My car had damage, got damaged more, bullshitted with the insurance company, then they damaged by pockets...bye bye awesomely handsome refund check. I met Brittanie, who I had been cool with all Summer via Twitter and BBM who went to my new school, Towson University, and on teh first day of class I met her and her friends. They were all so nice and inviting, and they continued to show that same type of amazingness throughout the whole semester. But anyway, me and mom had our issue, I lost my job, and had to find a place to stay or I was going to miss classes and possibly fail courses. I hit Fred up, and told him my situation, at first he said that he and his roommates already had an issue with people staying over, so at the time his answer was no. The about ten minutes later he called and said that he and his roommates talked it out and gave me the okay to stay over. I would like to thank my Padonia Boys Fred, Braulio, and Greg for letting me stay for so long, what was supposed to turn into a week, turned into damn near two months. At times I felt like I was cramping their style, but nonetheless they not once let it show and let me stay there as if I were one of their own and I love and appreciate them for that. In between my time at Padonia and school, Brittanie (@IAmDruggz) said that I could stay over their place for a few days from time to time if I ever needed to. I have never appreciated sleeping on the floor so much in my life! Leni! (@MakeMeCookies09) thank you so much for making up the coziest blankets and comforters on the floor making that cold, hard apparatus feel like a cloud to sleep on. I Wanna thank all the ladies in room 303 for letting me crash and party there, I will never forget it. I would also like to thank my man Stevie, who Brittanie introduced me to this semester for just being a cool as dude, and I appreciate the camera dude! Hell, after this semester I may be right back in 303 during the Spring, who knows it all depends on those people at the damn housing department. Kevin! My man! the RA apparently, check you out! Thank you for being the same cool ass dude from high school even though I haven't seen you in years until this semester for letting me crash on the futon at your place dude, and introducing me to that cute girl who came over and talked about how strong her pimp game was. Jenn, Winta, and Bridget your place has become a home away from home for me I actually feel like a part of this apartment, especially after last night when we got it in for Candace's birthday! Kim, thank you and your roommates for letting me stay over that one night when I was MC Hammered, and you're an awesome snuggler by the way haha. If I left anybody out, I'll probably go back and revise this shit before you even get to read this part about me forgetting anybody. Now, where do I go from here? let's see I have a lot to take care of before next semester. First thing, get my damn car back, which my uncle said is up and ready to go whenever I am ready to pick it up, take it to inspection, and get my tags. I am so full of confidence and love after this semester that I feel that I can take on anything thrown at me. I learned so many lessons this semester, learned so much about people, and made so many friends this semester it's insane. My grades were "okay" but next semester I want them to be outstanding. Do I hear Dean's list? Who knows? I just wanna wake up everyday and better myself to the fullest extent. This was the toughest thing I've ever been through in my short life thus far, but I am so glad that I made it through and finished strong, but none of it would have been possible without the help and loyalty of the people I mentioned earlier, they are fuggin awesome! Oh yea I just picked up theater as a double major! I'm going to start acting and producing my own stuff! Be on the look out people! I dream big!
"You start off fast then you wheezin' in the back
So even if I slack, I got enough lead way...and I'm back, without leavin' I'm here, but you can't see him." -Jay-Z

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Take a Walk (2008)

I wrote this in 2008, haven't changed a word.

Lets take a walk a day after we had freezin rain.
Step from school, to the bus, to the train.
To meet a lil lady drivin me insane.
Chai Tea in her hand, a lil spills on me causing a stain.
Walkin thru the frigid weather never felt better.
Standin next 2 sum1 makin me feel as warm as leather.
Sittin on the bench and read sum letters.
I'm wrappin up in my arms just like your sweater.
We walkin talkin lovin dreamin thru the market
On my last dollar, yet I feel rich with lint in my pocket
Priceless even, mom thinks shes at home so early she'll be leavin
Oh well, 5 minutes five hours rite?
Get home and talk 2 her til late in the nite
Lets take a walk thru the cut I got robbed in after our first fight
Cut up a sandwich and spill kool-aid on my shirt to get u rite lolz
Now the two walkin still walk 2gether, except one patiently waits and tries to calm down.
The other ventured off onto the bad side of town.
Where only pain awaits, and smiles turn to frowns
No ringling brothers but ahead is a clown.
The walk is now a run.
For love, for everything that was cried over, fought over, and argued over.
The lonely one waits and there she is comin over his shoulder.
Still with the same warmth, never got colder.
He'll always remain 4 her, never movin like a plastered down boulder.

Half of What You See.

Is the cup half full, or half empty? Is blue really blue, or blue blue because that is what we were told since birth? How do you know that red is not yellow, that green is not black, and purple is not white? My point is that as humans we were all taught something based on someone else's interpretation. Do not get me wrong, I know that the sky is blue, and that blue is blue...I mean it is all I know after all...but I would not necessarily call it factual. This past week on that fuckery of a site we call Facebook, which is struggling to stay relevant and interest, has had another fad touchdown and get everyone...or almost everyone to join in and participate. This recent craze was for users to change their profile pictures to their all-time favorite cartoon new or old. The reason behind it was supposedly to raise awareness and money for abused children. I was very skeptical at first about the whole thing, but hell when I started seeing my friends pictures go from being themselves to Reboot (remember that cartoon?!), classic Looney Toons, and old Nickelodeon toons characters I could not help but hop on the bandwagon and change my picture to Foghorn Leghorn...if you don't know who Foghorn Leghorn is, he is the big ass country rooster who was always fighting with the dog or trying to convince the little chicken hawk that he was not a hen. If you still don't know, you should be ashamed of yourself! My picture was changed up until about Monday night when I got a phone call from a friend who told me that the people who were responsible for the profile picture epidemic were in fact PEDOPHILES! It was all over the news apparently, and they say that they did it because having a cartoon as a picture appears more inviting and youthful to potential victims. I hate and despise pedophiles, fuck praying for em! You ever seen a pastor preach to Satan? Not in these parts! I immediately took down my picture, told my friends, and they followed suit...well most of them at least...I am pretty sure that a few of the people I went to high school or community college with are potential pedophiles anyway. They always did look at high school freshmen a bit odd. But I digress. They had all of us fooled! We saw "help abused children" and went ape shit and changed our pictures! Sure the whole event was a spectacular Saturday morning/Classic Nicktoon reunion amongst friends, but what bullshit! We all thought we were helping for a good cause, even though now money went toward the campaign, THANK GOD because we all would have been uberly pissed if we sent pedophiles money to spend on gas money for trips transportation to their young victims houses. Where the fuck is Chris Hansen when you need him! (Host of Datelines 'How to Catch a Predator') But the internet is filled with millions of ways to manipulate people's minds and tricking them into believe that they are doing good, when they are really doing more damage than imagined.