Sunday, March 28, 2010


I thought I could do no harm, wrong.
I'm hurting more than a break-up song
I want you, only you. I'll be your tag-along.
If I had a light-switch on my face, you're the only one who can turn it on.
Electrifying, no denying, feel like dying, feel like crying.
To be the best for you: I'm trying, no lying.
Yea I left you hanging for a day, sorry to that situation it's my reaction.
Now I'm sitting on the bench, wondering when I can get back in.
But this ain't a game, it's a team, it's a dream, a boost of self-esteem.
Still got a castle going up for you painted heaven.
I wanna make you chili dogs again, mine, not 7-Eleven.
But like that place, I'm here for you 24-7.
All that I tell you is the truth, not to make your head leaven.
In my mind you've always been amazing, why not?
I still feel like I did that night I told my friend I thought you were hot.
Always was, and always will be, I don't wanna lose my spot.
You're what I want. So can't you let yourself get got?

Annie Somnia

I can't help it...I'm lovesick rite now and its driving me absolutely ahh!!! I know we can work things out, I KNOW WE CAN! But it just sucks when you love someone so much and you can't be EVERYTHING they want at the moment. I have a lot of growing and learning to do but I'm more than willing to do that for Love. Any hows, I was at work with the situation on my mind and I decided to write a song, its called Annie Somnia. do what you like the title...its pretty obvious where it all came from.

I don't wanna eat or sleep until I talk to you
I don't wanna eat or sleep until my call goes through.

Just getting off work, what we going thru hurts
I guess I'm goin' berserk, but I fix it with a smirk
The PM is sleep the AM is awake
Called you on my break, how many times does it take?
My homemade lunch went bad, spoiled in the Glad.
Eyes now have bags, my friends say I look mad.
And I know I got it bad, it's all because...

I don't wanna eat or sleep until I talk to you
I don't wanna eat or sleep until my call goes through.

It's goin' on about three I text you "are you free?"
Just want a response, a one-worder's good enough for me.
I get you on the phone, you sound outta your zone.
Where's my Love? are you a defective clone?
I know I'm me, I know what happened to you.
I'm dark-skinned please tell me why am I so blue?
I open a bit, to you it don't mean shit
I know I messed up, but is this really what I get?

I don't wanna eat or sleep until I talk to you.
I don't wanna eat or sleep until my call goes through
It's sweet dreams I want, my ribcage is kinda gaunt
Expect something, 'cause I know it's loving that you want
My eyes low, my hearts open wide, you can jump inside
A tough cookie, it's not a compromise of pride.
I finally heard your voice so I'll make a plate
Call later on today and maybe make a date
Maybe hit the zoo? Or myabe something new?
Doesn't matter as long as I'm with you
Love you I do.

I didn't wanna eat or sleep before I talked to you.
I didn't wanna eat or sleep, until my call got through.

Friday, March 12, 2010

House of Mouse...Part 2?

(3/11) Well it’s quite obvious that I have woken up this morning only to waste my time! I recently applied for a job at ESPN Zone, and just my luck, I got the job…or at least I thought I did. Remember how I recently posted that I would reveal what really happened while I was on the Disney College Program?…Well this is that time! In late January 2010, I participated in an internship with Walt Disney World…I also particpated in the internship last year (I successfully completed my program) and thought that I could go back and do an even better job than my previous year. My roommates this time around were pretty cool and the people that I met down there were amazing. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing for the labor part of the program. I’m not going to make excuses for myself, because I did make a lot of HUGE errors during my first couple of days on the job. I was very anti-social with my trainers (who were very fucking odd). I forgot their names as quick as I could…matter fact as soon as I decided to walk away from the program I forgot about em. My 20 million managers were almost the same as last time as far as communication goes. They were very distant and awkward to speak with. But I digress; I’ll talk about the shitty managers in a while. I had two trainers…one was a guy who farted and just let them linger in small compact places and sang and danced for no reason…WHILE ON THE JOB! He was your typical redneck and he even called me “Boy” once. But me not wanting to look or become the typical over-reactive dude, I stayed cool. The other trainer was a lady who smelled like old cigarettes and dust, her teeth looked like the Crypt Keeper’s and she loved to talk in my face with her amazingly atrocious breath. In many ways she reminded me of that stereotypical old lady who has gone absolutely mad and lives in a dirty house with dozens of cats. Neither one of them were my cup of tea, in a nutshell, a walnuts shell. My work location was Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom…I must say that I was a bit upset that I could not return to Frontierland which was the place I had worked at during my last internship. But oh well, I took the good with the bad and kept moving. At least I could say that I was still working in the same park. My job assignment was to do the Buzz Lightyear Attractions, which were an insult to me considering I had come from THE WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS! “BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN”! The Buzz Attractions were basically kiddy rides, but I took the good with the bad. Training was uber early in the morning, and I mean the rooster wasn’t even up at this time of morning! I made my way up to the park and got cracking on this training thing! I fell asleep all the time in classroom training because I had already known all of the safety policies and I thought that the safety procedures were a JOKE! I just remembered my trainer’s names just now…thank you hot chocolate! Their names were John and Donna…uggh. One day, in the classroom I fell asleep in front of the management team and then one of then decided to talk to me briefly…his name was Kirk. Kirk said what he had to say, and then we kept going with the last hours of training. The very next day, I made it a point to try and stay awake. I did absolutely everything in my power to keep myself awake. I ate hot packets from Taco Bell, I stood up and read the manuals, I sang songs in my head, etc. But for some odd reason Donna and John decided to run and tell Kirk that I was sleep…and this time it was even worse…they had said I fell asleep while operating the ride…WHICH IS TOTALLY FALSE. I have too much sense and respect for the company than to put potential lives in danger, but they thought otherwise. Kirk came into the room, my trainers and the other person I trained with left the room, and I was alone with Kirk. The bald-headed son of a b***** put his finger directly in my face and began to yell at me. I just could not take any more of this bullshit so I reacted! I pushed his finger out of my face and told him that he will NOT ever speak to me like that ever again. He asked me to calm down and slowly but surely I calmed down, I didn’t want to get fired for scaring the living shit out of my manager. We sat and talked about why he had to talk to me AGAIN…and then he requested that I sign a statement which basically said that I would agree to admit that I fell asleep while operating the ride. In the words of Madea (Tyler Perry Movies)…”HELL TO THE NAW!” I told him that I refuse to lie on myself for the sake of the company. I did however admit that I fell asleep while in the classroom. With that admission, Kirk asked for my Disney ID and suspended me (with pay, so no complaints here) until further notice. Being escorted out of the park, I began to think of all the things I could be doing if I weren’t down in sunny Orlando, Florida. I could have just quit and flew home right then and there, but I didn’t; I wanted to give my mind a fair chance to evaluate the situation. I got home and immediately called my family members, my girlfriend, and my closest friends and told them that it was a possibility that I might be heading home that week, whether the company let me back or not. I just really wanted to be back home. It was unfair to me, my roommates, and my past roommates that I was trying to make this experience greater than the previous year. I talked it over with everyone time and time again for the next 3 days; it was a failed and very inconvenient meeting with my managers that ultimately made my decision to go home. They wasted my time, and they were an hour and a half late to a meeting that I was EARLY to, where’s the courtesy and respect there? I got home and bought my train ticket, told my roommates what was what, and told the IMPORTANTS that I was coming home. That’s the end of that story. I have been meaning to publish this little experience for quite some time now, but I have not had the proper inspiration until today. ESPN is a branch of the Disney Company, a branch of Disney that I would love to eventually climb and see the top of. However, my leave from the program this year could have possibly hindered my chances of being an employee at the ESPN Zone in D.C. I was not fired or anything of that nature. I wasn’t even on the program for 3 full weeks. It a damn shame to feel like a certain company will never want you. But fuck it, I’m bigger than that and I’m not going to let a few assholes in the road slow me down.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Once Upon a Time, Not Long Ago...Ya'll Know the Rest

Ever since I can remember I have always had this nack to be innovative or just plain ol crazy I guess. In 5th & 6th grade I used to wear the ugliest plaid shirts (courtesy of Macy's kids) and gel in my hair. I used to want to look like the rockstars on television. With their amazingly insane styles or clothing, hair, and language. I also liked those half-naked girls that were in their videos posing with beers or guitars...I still do at times! Speaking of rockstars and beer...Kid Rock was one of my favorite...excuse me...IS one of my favorite artists of all time. C'mon! The dude can sing, rap, and play the living fuck out of a guitar! Not to mention he's from a city that even sounds cool...Detroit. Eventhough its bitter cold up there, it seems like a cool place to live...not in the literal sense either. I can try to overlook their shitty football team and their expired basketball team, eventhough at the end of the day my sports fanatical ass would not able to tollerate a city that has sorry sports. I would say this being from the "DMV" where our best teams are in hockey and soccer. But...getting back to the point...when I was younger I always pretended to be something that I wasn't. I must say every now and then I do slip into daydreams and imagine myself rocking the fuck out in front of a packed stadium filled with thousands of people. I guess this is why I love recording and writing music so much. I can become whoever I want and say whatever is on my mind in all honesty and have no regrets about what I said on record. I write songs every couple of days...most of my most personal songs or verses get stored in my red journal that has been beaten straight to hell...its pretty personal actually; I have only recorded about 2 songs from that book. It's my musical diary in a way. I have recorded with lots and lots of different artists from the "DMV"...uggh I hate that term...not the area, just the term...whoever came up with that name could have done a much better job. But I digress. I get an amazing thrill out of going into the studio or any musical venue where people want to hear what I am working with. Then I open up my book, open up my mouth, and release a sound that only my mind can interpret. I love the look on their faces after I say something that only I can come up with. And YES! I walk around with a grin as big as a waning-crescent moon over a creek on a Saturday nite in the country...only when I leave the studio though because I hate gloating or acting like I'm better than people. Eventhough I hear from outside sources that I clearly am. People ask me why haven't I gone to the radio, or why am I not looking to perform, why I have been working on a mixtape for a year and some change as if it's an album, and why I am not looking for a deal. Truth be told I just do this for fun, but at the same time I am a perfectionist. It's the one's that are looking for deals without mixtapes, without skill, without the love of music who are the EXACT people who are polluting the music that I/WE love so much! If a deal, performance , or a TOUR does come about I'm all in!!! yess!!!! But until then, I'm going to continue making secret tracks and recording for fun. It is amazing to know that the smallest influences can inspire so many people to feel so many things, especially to the extent that it makes people want to sing or write a song about something. I love being able to look at something, see something, hear something, or feel something and label it MUSIC! Once Upon a Time, Not Long Ago there was a young man who loved and adored the science of flow. And where he stood no talent stood so people looked at him like DAMN HE GOOD! Let your mind eat every piece of musical creativity it can find...even the smallest crumb can keep it from starving!