Monday, July 23, 2012

Message from the Editor: New Content Same Home.

So for the past few months, I have been yapping on and on about a blog I could create for local and unsigned/non-acknowledged talent from around the DMV area, but worldwide as well. For years people have been describing me as a person who literally "knows everybody everywhere!" and I think now it is time to put these resources to use. I have been doing slew of interviews with talent of all sorts, from acting to music, to writers, to producers in film and video, to photographers, to managers, to promoters. Pretty much, anyone who has any kind of contribution to any art form is welcome to be showcased on this blog. I have been thinking for weeks on end what I should name this blog and what theme it should have, I was at a standstill until just a few moments ago when I realized that I could use this blog, YES THE ONE YOU'RE READING NOW!, to facilitate and showcase all of this great talent that most of the world is clueless to. The ultimate goal of this blog would be to get some of these talented people a bit more spotlight and a place where their work can be shown to a variety of readers who enjoy reading this blog. I will continue to story-tell and vent on social issues, but I believe I have said all that I can in the two short years I have been writing this blog. Now, it is time for a change of venue onto something I have been passionate about since I have had the ability to write in a creative sense about something that I hold very near and dear to my heart and my life, the arts. I can not begin to explain how enthused I am about being a driving factor in gaining a person new listeners or viewers for their art. This blog will be about the artist and their contributors more than anything. If anyone would like to help me in starting up this process, or have any cool angles from which this whole process can be viewed, do not hesitate to hit me up and share your point of view.

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