Friday, July 27, 2012

Middle Fingers to Society

Dear Society, I hate you. Not as far as having to live in the many realms in which you exist, but the people that occupy you that I, too have to live with. Hypocrites, bigots, racists, irresponsible assholes reside in worlds of their own and claim that they are only acting on what you have been known to do. This past week, a movie theater was shot up (I hate to sound insensitive about the matter, no matter if it was one life or a hundred lives, someone ran into a movie theater and shot it up.), and Penn State went through hell for something that a very sick, disgusting, and pathetic individual chose to do. Both cases are very sad in how they have affected the families of the victims, but I found it relatively peculiar how in each case our SOCIETY chose to make it about the race, occupation, and location of the shooter in Colorado.
Or how about ESPN and it's very "credible" and "unbiased' analysts decided to make the children of molestation and rape seem irrelevant once the university had been punished? It was sad to see how society had more sympathy for Joe Paterno's statue coming down, even though he was probably more than knowledgeable of the actions against those children or was a participant himself alongside assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.Where are your morals? Where is your decency? Where has the logic behind a good heart gone in this damned place we call "society"? Does anyone have any sense left to understand the issue at hand instead of the politics behind it? Or is society so hung up on the whole "what's in it for me?" mentality still?
When Obamacare got upheld in court a few weeks ago, I think I was at my wicks end with this entire damn country and people altogether. I understand the political aspect of it all, but I will never understand why people were so against, or are against a bill that provides some sort of help for people who do not have. It's all greed I tell ya, keep the wealthy can remain rich and healthy, while the poor and middle class remain sick and unhealthy so they can die off quicker so the world can be controlled and maintained by rich folks...I suppose. I think a huge part of Obamacare getting so much dislike is the simple fact that our President, Barack Obama is a black man who exudes nothing but confidence and enthusiasm in his policies. I am not a %100 percent supporter of this man, but he has done many things in his first term that has served society with the greater good. Think about it, how often to you hear society refer to him as President Obama? Instead they call him Barack, they call him Obama, never Mr. President, or more appropriate, President Obama. But, society did just fine with Bush in office, would have done better with McCain? And, I’m sure we'll do light years better with the Klansman himself, Mitt Romney, as our president? This man doesn't even want to reveal his own taxes and other information, what makes you think he won't conceal anything more drastic than that once in office? Sure our economy sucks; it's always sucked, given how much money we had to spend on per day on an unofficial war that some idiot with his daddy's money decided to start out of pure fear and stereotypes. Obama isn’t perfect, but neither are the ones before him, but I digress. Society I have grown to hate the level of mediocrity so many people are okay with attaining and labeling it as something they've wanted their whole lives. I hate how many kids are still having kids. I hate how young ladies have the mouth foul bodies and mouths and think that that shit is cute. I hate how young men still have to be told to remove their hats, articulate, speak with respect, pull up their pants, and have to constantly be reminded to take care of responsibility. I hate how the media twists words and our weak-minded society is gullible enough to base every word out of their mouths on something they either saw or heard on TV, but still gossip and hearsay is stigmatized? Since when are overly expensive shoes and clothes worth getting shot over? What happened to unity? What happened to people doing for themselves? What happened to community? I lived two doors down from an arms-dealer and serial killer, and had no clue until I saw the guy on Dateline ABC and my house was in one of the frames as my neighbor of whom I had never heard articulate was being interviewed. Know your neighbors folks, it is a very simplistic idea, but has the greatest results and is terribly beneficial in regards to you and your families safety, trust me. Why is it okay for people to be married and remarried, now, at least two to three times before they find the ONE? What ever happened to the institution of marriage? That's the original form of unity that society has abandoned and left for dead. We live in the child support/paper parent era. Baby mothers and baby fathers? What about husband and wives? Mothers and fathers? Are their any of those around who actually wait till marriage, not to have sex because that shipped sailed with the Titanic and you see how far that got, but until they are ready and responsible enough to conceive and raise a child or children? I hate to seem older than I am, but I miss back in the day when people actually saw being pregnancy as a beautiful time in a couple's lives. Now, all pregnancy is, at least what I have observed, is a burden and cause for insecurity, hell, and a free ticket to The Maury Show. I'm not even going to ask what happened to entertainment. I don't know if I'm watching American Idol rejects, hicks on reality TV, or high thoughts brought to life by movie moguls who are bored with their millions. It’s obvious to see that people don't even bother reading anymore, look at how shitty, basic, and non-creative motion pictures have gotten. Books open up the imagination to create new things, conforming and settling for tasteless and simple "art" has closed society's imagination and ability to create new things. That's probably why people can't let go of prior decades. NEWS FLASH! The 80's and 90's are over! I can appreciate the culture of those time periods, but people need to seriously get over the past and get with the present and try to create something our generation can say was OUR THING and that nobody ever did that before we did it. Instead, we pride ourselves on the achievements of celebrities on social sites, the high STD rate, the fact that the older we get our country's intellectual side plummets, and of course we all pride ourselves on how many people give a damn what we think, say, or do right? I miss when society was something that people were against instead of so quick to join. I guess society beat the person out of you and turned you into a machine and completely took away the ability to create, feel, think, and do for self. I'm still and will always be against the ways that society has set aside for us to follow. Until society can ask themselves the questions I asked above and answer them through its actions and through change, I have both my middle fingers up to the sky and whichever way society is facing. Fuck You, Sincerely, Those who have not conformed.

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