Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Amy: Where Were You A Year Ago Today?

Last year, one of the most shocking and unexpected moments in pop culture came when Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. Amy had a voice that was truly like no other, with a story that most could relate to; just not to the extent of what she was really dealing with that troubled her so deeply. Amy's voice was made of power, beauty, and originality and no one could scat quite like her in this day and age. She was surely a breath of fresh air not only to listeners, but to many other popular singers and performers of today's music. I must admit, though I was super spaced off of the brownies I had eaten the night before, the news that the artist I had supported, cherished, and recommended to many friends had passed was too great of a burden and pain to bear. I will admit, I did cry the night of Amy's passing while I was at a bar and 'Rehab' along with a few other hits from Amy came on the radio in the bar. It might have been alcohol that pushed the tears through, because I was already hurting all day from her loss and could not find the proper words nor actions to display my sadness. Amy was the catalyst for what myself and many others were feeling during the times of darkness and loneliness whether it be from a relationship or just the troubles of life itself; I understood every word and it hurt so much to have someone you could relate to so much just up and leave out of nowhere and according to the autopsy(s), nobody truly knows why.
In the short time you were here, you gave life to a style of music that the world had long forgotten, and you spoke on the reality of the pains of bad relationships to a level that was far more personal than anyone could have ever imagined. In three albums, you were able to capture an audience made up of ages and backgrounds of all sorts and you have inspired a generation to tell the truth about everything, even the hardships they endure in life. Amy Jade Mermaid rest in paradise, we miss you.

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