Monday, July 23, 2012

Where Did the Priorities Go?

Today, the Penn State Lions were slapped hard by penalties and sanctions against their football program over the next 4 years. Their scholarships will significantly decrease, Penn State will not be allowed to play in bowl games over the next few years, and all wins from 1998-2011 will be vacated, decreasing the wins from 409 wins to 298 wins; the school will also be fined $60 million for their acts of negligence during Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky's acts of pedophilia and molestation against young kids and members of the football club itself. What is more shocking than this more than appropriate punishment, is the way the public has reacted. Keep in mind, that for more than a DECADE a perverted man, Sandusky, was touching little boys and everyone who was apart of the Penn State football program knew of what was going on, including head coach Joe Paterno, who is no longer the most winning coach in NCAA Football history after his wins vacated wins. But in the issue of children, the victims, and their families...which is what this is all about, the general public has once again decided to divert it's attention away from the issue at hand, and focus on the school being "penalized too hard". Given, I think that the players who have to suffer the consequence of their coaches and officials negligence is unfortunate and unfair, but the penalty as a whole is perfect. The NCAA made it a point to show that no issue in football, or football itself should ever be placed higher than the well-being of it's players and children who were/are affiliated with NCAA athletics. Taking away scholarships, bowl games, and records fits the punishment accordingly, contrary to the beliefs of the general public, the victims will not be able to erase what treacherous, disgusting acts happened to them, but at least justice was served in the sentencing of Sandusky and the penalization of the football program for years to come.

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